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This is likely to be due to the large number of bank holidays over the period. Hospitals will generally only be delivering natural births and carrying out emergency caesareans over the holidays. Induced births and elective caesareans are likely to be scheduled on alternative dates. February 29 has the lowest total number of births over the twenty year period because it only occurs once every 4 years.

However, the average number of births on February 29 takes into account the day only occurs on a leap year, resulting in a value just under the overall daily average. Over the past 20 years there were 8 days where 1, babies were born. On these days, to coin a phrase there was one born every minute:.

Birthday Numbers - 3, 12, 21, 30 - What Are Your Gifts and Talents? (Numerology Decoded)

Contrary to the saying, over the last two decades,on average a baby has been born every 48 seconds. Visit the website for more information on births in England and Wales, or contact vsob ons. If you like our visual.

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But it's OK to write them in numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd Can you see the last two letters of the words make up the ordinal number? Let's look at some spelling rules 4th - We have four, fourteen, forty drop the u , fourth don't drop the 'u' 5th - We have five , but then the 'v' become 'f' in fifteen, fifty, fifth the 'f' helps pronunciation 9th - We have nine, nineteen, ninety, but ninth drop the 'e' 12th - twelve, twelfth Notice the 'v' becomes 'f'.

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Let's look at numbers from 21 upwards We need a hyphen when we write cardinal numbers from 21 upwards. Notice there's no space between the letters and hyphen: twenty-one twenty-two thirty-three sixty-seven one hundred and twenty-nine one thousand two hundred and thirty-one pounds. Using a hyphen also applies to ordinal numbers from 21st.

Let's look at some spelling rules with whole numbers - 20th, 30th, 40th Now do the exercise below. Now try these exercises on numbers - cardinal 1, 2, 3, 4, and ordinal 1st, 2nd, 3rd click here.

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A speech by the Queen on her 21st Birthday, 1947

It's very moving. That turns out not to have been true, but it is interesting that people would perceive it to be true.

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According to Chandra's table, including birth records between and , babies are far more likely to be born in the summers, followed by fall, and then spring and winter. Not surprisingly, February 29th was the th most common day to be born on. Not counting that rare day, the 10 least popular days reported by Chandra to be born on fall on holidays: the 4th of July, late November 26, 27, 28, and 30, near Thanksgiving and over Christmas Dec.

That would seem to suggest that mothers have some say in when babies are born. The data was compiled from U. According to that set of data, the least popular birthdays are still around the holidays: July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. That data shows that those holidays even beat out February 29th, only the th least common day to be born on, which is pretty remarkable, statistically speaking.

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The most popular days to be born in the United States in this latest set of statistics? The top ten days fall in September: except for one, July 7th. If you were born in September, you were likely conceived over the Christmas holidays. Since the s, several scientific studies have shown that there are, in fact, overall seasonal differences in conception rates.